33 Fresh And Useful Articles For Web and Graphic Designers

web and graphic design resources This is our weekly column in which we share our favorites posts, articles, tutorials and resources with our readers all from the previous week. If you want to submit your article or any other article that will be useful for the design community don’t hesitate to share it with us. You can submit your articles using the submit news column in the sidebar.

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51 Free Must Have Apps For Your Android Phone

A Web Designers Guide to Information Architecture

70 Free Quality Grunge Fonts

Burger King vs KFC vs McDonald’s Print Advertising

Graphic and Web designer for women

SEO Free Tools

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Getting Real Feedback For Your New Design, Usability Testing

What Can Web Designers Learn from Business People?

How Much Money Do Designers Make?

Create a Detailed Vector Emblem Badge in Illustrator

25+ Fashion Websites in Flash Designs

27 Examples Of Huge Web Design Typography

Typography in Art or Art in Typography?

Making a Custom YouTube Video Player With YouTube’s APIs

50+ The Ultimate Collection of Free PSD Files and Resources

40 Examples of Emotional Female Photomanipulation Art

9 beautiful web forms for free download

3000 of Graphic Elements from TrendyPacks – Comment to Win

65 high quality free fonts for designers

100 Seriously Awesome Retro Wallpapers

14 Great Design, Marketing and Freelancing Blogs

Using the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop CS5

Dynamic Flash Websites : Dare to enjoy?

The Anatomy Of A Great List Post

30 Creative Hi-Res Poster Designs for Design Inspiration

45 Great Examples of V-card Designs

35 Best Illustrations for Website Design

40 Spectacular Examples of Fractal Art

Presenting an HTML5 Interactive Infographic

How to Create Glass Effect Text in Photoshop

A Guide To Logo Design

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