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33 Useful Articles For Web And Graphic Designers

This is a huge collection of very very useful articles for web and graphic designers from all around the web. We collected the most relevant articles for both the web and graphic designers. These articles include tutorials, inspiration and design resources. If you find any useful article that you want to share with the design community then you can submit it using the submission form in the sidebar.

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useful articles for web and graphic designers


  1. Get Rid Of Your Website Footer
  2. 40 Free Vector Graphics for your Print Media Designs
  3. 30 Incredible Works of Art Created on iPhone
  4. How to create a sitemap page for WordPress blog
  5. How to Draw a Vector Geisha in Illustrator – Speed Drawing
  6. Why Great Designs Aren’t Always Enough: The Importance of AB Testing
  7. How To Design a Professional Landing Page In Photoshop
  8. 15 Standout Freelance Design Portfolios
  9. 40 Best Examples of Human Photo Manipulations and Tutorials
  10.  Top 50 Design with Amazing Water Color Effects
  11.  20+ Social Bookmarking Resources For Designers
  12.  Showcase of Extraordinary Surreal Images
  13.  13 Websites with Mind-Blowing jQuery Effects
  14.  9 Blogs to Help You Master the Thesis WordPress Theme
  15.  40 Beautiful Yellow Logo Designs
  16.  Sparkling Text Effect in Photoshop
  17.  Crest Inspiration: 75 Creative Crests, Badges and Shields
  18.  10 great unknown WordPress Plugins
  19.  35 Awesome Css3 Animation Demos
  20.  Inspirational Graphic Designs By Mike Harrison
  21.  30 Inspiring Web Design Interfaces
  22.  High quality notepaper graphics PSD Download
  23.  Why Is Magento A Popular E-Commerce Platform?
  24.  35 Really Unusual And Desirable Bookshelf Designs
  25.  Magnificent examples of Macro photography
  26.  High Quality Paint Strokes Photoshop Brush Set
  27.  35+ Cool & Creative Examples of One Page Websites
  28.  Houses of Fairy Tale in Real Life
  29.  External Film Inspiration No. 20
  30.  15 Fresh Websites Created with Papervision 3D
  31.  Get Inspired! 20 Images That Will Blow Your Mind.
  32.  Search Domain Hacks On iPhone With
  33.  45 Fresh 520px Facebook Pages
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