5 Unique and Amazing Photography Trends

Access to photography equipment and editing tools has created the opportunity for many budding photogs to advance from photography as a hobby to photography as a career. Reduced prices of equipment and software, as well as improvements to the everyday camera allow for an abundance of images in the marketplace. It’s important to create unique and compelling images from the work that you do. Over the past year many photographers have emerged highlighting their very unique and amazing photography, allowing for new trends in the industry. Many people are becoming more and more savvy and creative with their photos now that most smartphones are equipped with great photo editing apps.

Ink & Toner in Photography

Alberto Seveso, an Italian based photographer, has a passion for the graphic arts. He’s a freelance photographer who has discovered the value of ink & toner in photography. His series of photographs showcasing colored ink in water is quite amazing. Capturing the images at the right moment is very key in this new type of photography and utilizing the best ink and toner as well. For budding photogs willing to try this technique, we suggest trying out discounted ink and toner to save a few bucks until you get the hang of this type of photography.


Photo Credit: Alberto Seveso “The Black Trap in Munich”

Water Balloon Photography

You’ve seen and heard about underwater photography for years now, but a new trend today is a different type of water photography: capturing water bursts. Photographer Scott Dickson has taken the high speed photograph technique of water splash photography to the next level. His photos of popped water balloons have been shared extensively this year and showcase a new type of photography. Noteworthy photographer Tim Tadder also created “Water Wigs” last year, using models and strategically placed water balloons to capture some amazing shots.

Those interested in trying this out themselves should read this PetaPixel.com article, “How to Create Water Balloons Popping by Hacking a Shutter Release Cable”.

water wigs

Photo Credit: Tim Tadder’s “Water Wigs

Slow Motion Video/Photos

High-speed photos aren’t the only trend in photography, slow motion video and photos are too. Slow motion video booths capture adorable and fun moments at weddings this past wedding season, capitalizing on this new type of videography and photography. Speed up videos and slow them down to create amazing and unique shots. Slow motion in photography is really about taking photos quickly to capture the slow motion, sometimes as many as 300 images per second. Having the right equipment is obviously important for this type of artwork, but can create pretty cool photos in the end.


Not so much a type of photography, more so a movement, pocketography is really the trend of utilizing your everyday cell phone, filters provided by apps and capturing a photo with little formal technique needed. Instant photo sharing pocketography has transformed the way we document our lives. As technology improves, use of apps grow and interest in documenting basically everything sticks around… the trend of pocketography lives on.

Cliquekaila on Instagram

Photocredit: @Cliquekaila on Instagram

Painted Expressionism

The method of painted expressionism in photography allows the artist to experiment in new ways. Taking a photo and changing tones, highlighting colors while muting others, adding texture and creating an almost dream-like feel can showcase an amazing work of art. Jean-Michel Leclercq in his photography blog discusses painted expressionism in today’s photography along with other emerging trends in digital photography. His works of art are very magical and dreamy.

These are just a few trends for today’s photographers. With the popular platforms for photo sharing such as, Instagram, everyone is becoming more creative and innovative using photo editing technologies. Which one is your favorite this year? Share in the comments below!

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