Arabic Design on Playing Cards

Games which are played with playing cards are amongst the few games which are played all over the world. The simplicity of the basic materials makes the games easily interpretable in any region. Even in cultures where gambling is considered immoral and unacceptable, such as Islamic regions in North Africa and the Middle East, there is still a demand for playing cards. After all, a game of cards does by no means have money involved.

Over the years, many different forms of cards have been made, such as mini cards, supersize cards, cards numbered in different languages and decorative cards. When cards are produced in different cultures, they are customized in terms of the language of the lettering and the images on the cards. Arabic playing cards can come with both English and Arabic lettering, and the images on the cards very also. It is not uncommon for some cards to show the card number in both Arabic and English lettering, making them usable by a larger number of people.

The cards which can be found in Morocco are particularly interesting. The cards make use of English numbering. However, the numbers go from 1 through to 13, replacing the usual Jack, Queen and King in standard English packs. The Arabic packs still make use of the three associated images, but do not label the cards accordingly. But instead of using English kings and queens, these are replaced by Arabic characters. In some playing cards, you will see the king (or prince) wearing a turban and bearing his sword. The queen characters on Arabic cards show her to be wearing a hijab and holding an ornament. The joker characters look similar to those on English playing cards, showing a man with a green turban holding a staff.


It is slightly surprising to see that the games played with various playing cards also differ between regions. It is likely that they are still used as poker cards but some of the other games played in Qatar have particularly interesting names. One of the popular games is called ‘Hand’. Not ‘Yad’, the Arabic word for hand, but ‘Hand’. There is another popular game called ‘Brazilia’. This Arabic word means ‘Brazilian woman’ and this strange name may be a complete coincidence.

Because of the artistic style of Arabic writing, there are some truly beautiful Arabic cards designed using typography. If you do not know, typography is the art and technique of arranging lettering to make language visible and this can be used to create some really impressive effects. These typography playing cards are really attractive, but are not the most practical of cards when it comes to actually playing. Although the card numbers are clearly legible, the complexity of the graphics make the cards less easy to play with when focused and at a fast pace. These cards are fun to play with for the novelty, but you would want to switch to something a bit more basic for a fast and competitive game.


Even if you are English, you should check out these cards. They are interesting and artistic and you could probably find them on various casino sites designed for Arabic-speaking players. There are few casino sites in Arabic in this site

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