Best Free Digital Editing Software for Beginners

Digital cameras are advanced, but the cameras are not advanced enough to cover every blemish or problem with the subject. There may still be the occasional red-eye problem, blemish problem, overexposure or underexposure problem. Digital editing software is necessary to clean up photographs. Many beginners cannot afford to invest in editing software, but luckily, there are free software programs available to assist with this process. By getting one of the many internet deals that are available today, you can have a first class photo editing setup for free! Here are several suggestions for digital editing software for beginners:

1. Picasa

Picasa is Google’s free photo editing program. The program is recommended to help photographers crop images, fix red eye and to reduce the appearance of scratches and blemishes. Many photographers also create movies, slideshows and collages from digital photographs with this useful software.

2. Picnik

For cropping, resizing, and rotating photographs, there is no better free online photo editor than Picnik. This tool also provides a way to add text and shape overlays. Many photographers use Picnik with Flickr, MySpace, Webshots and Photobucket to retouch photographs before uploading. This application is web-based and is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC.


GIMP is reminiscent of Photoshop in many ways. This software is capable retouching photographs. It has the capability of correcting vignetting and lens distortion. GIMP also has cloning and healing capabilities. Most free beginner’s editing tools do not have support for drawing tablets, but this particular tool does support these devices. Linux, FreeBSD, Sun OpenSolaris and Windows are supported by this software.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express allows photographers to touch up images before sharing the images on Facebook or Flickr. The program is robust and allows people to store up to two gigabytes within the Adobe program. Images can be retouched and shared with a simple registration program.

5. Pixlr Express Mobile

Pixlr Express will allow photographers to crop and resize any photograph. The tool will also remove red-eye and whiten teeth on photographs. More than 600 effects, borders, and overlays are available to help personalize images.

6. Fotoflexer

The web-based application is recommended for photo-editing, but it is missing some essential elements.

7. Paint.Net v3.5.5. is a free photo-editing application that is less robust than Photoshop, but it is user-friendly and offers an array of effects that can be used on photographs.

8. Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

This particular photo-editing program features face recognition and retouching. Many people often compare this photo editing program to Apple iPhoto and Google Picasa.

Select the Best Free Digital Editing Software for Beginners

If you are a beginning photographer, an editor is essential. You may need several free digital editing software programs to accomplish the same goal of one program. Since the programs are free, it is only a mere inconvenience to use several programs together. Choose the best programs to accomplish your goal. Consider these digital editing software programs and others when you take new photographs that require re-touching.

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