Digital content management changing journalism

Years ago, journalists had to carry paper notebooks and tape recorders with them when they went out to capture a story. Bad weather could easily ruin hours of work, soaking papers and causing ink to smear and run. Cell phones, smartphones, computer notebooks and laptops have replaced paper notebooks. Tape recorders, that journalists still need.

More journalists have gone digital

What’s changed is the way journalists store and track content. It’s gotten to the point where, as Poynter reports that to be a great journalist, writers and researchers have to acquire a decent amount of technological skills and knowledge. Part of this learning has to do with content management systems. Whether journalists and media conglomerates work with Oracle consultants or other content management advisors, they have to find content management systems that make writing and publishing headline news stories a snap.

Why? In the world of journalism, the sooner a story is pushed out to the public, generally the better. Oracle consultants are working with media companies so that they can locate and retrieve older pieces of content (i.e. historic interviews, quotes from the past, reports loaded with relevant statistics) within moments. One of the ways that Oracle consultants are doing this is by developing more streamlined content architecture for the media companies.

It’s this type of work performed by Oracle consultants that helps journalists to get their hands on older stories, the very stories that round out new local, national or international developments, in time to air rare headline nightly news pieces. In fact, other than firms that store and work with volumes of digital content, media companies might lean on Oracle consultants most.

Finding the right content management system

Yet, even Oracle consultants can’t always develop content management systems that meet every need media companies and journalists have. In these instances, Oracle consultants should be open to helping media companies develop complementary systems. This is what some digital news teams are doing. It makes it easier for media companies to open their content management systems to larger numbers of journalists.

At a small media company, this option might not seem to be that important. At a large media company, one that operates offices in four or more different countries, this option could prove to be a life saver. For example, some media companies are directing their journalists to upload and build a vast database of content using Cloud based content management systems, others while using content management systems that are tied to company servers.

To be effective, content management systems Oracle consultants develop for media companies must have easy to use interfaces. Journalists shouldn’t need to take cloud or other technology college courses to understand how to use the systems. They also shouldn’t have to spend hours reading complicated manuals. Because media companies have significant needs when it comes to managing digital content, they prefer to work with Oracle consultants who have experience managing content for news and entertainment companies.

Media companies looking to expand their existing digital content management systems can learn about Oracle consultants online. While attending industry wide networking events, they can also ask other leaders in the industry to tell them about the content management systems they’re using. It could cut down on the time it takes to store and retrieve digital content, even while searching through millions of documents.

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