Graphic Designing and Animation Art

Graphic design is an art of stylizing, communication and problem-solving via the use of image, space and type. The field is likewise often wrongly referred to as Communication Design or Visual Communication because of overlapping expertise involved. Normally, graphic designing is performed on printed media with the intention to advertise a brand, e.g. Graphic designing works with visual identity, layout, graphic stock and illustrations to produce business cards, outdoors, folders, magazine ads, envelops, wall advertisements, etc.

Common uses of Graphic Designing

Common uses of graphic designing consist of publications (books, newspapers and magazines), posters, identity (brandings and logos), billboards, elements, website graphics, product packing and signs. For example a product advertisement may include a organized work, graphic stock, artwork and plain design such as pictures, color and shapes which merge the piece. A professional graphic designer might use a mixture of visual art, typography and page layout methods to generate a final result.


Animation is these days usually established for digital media and there are normally two types of animation such as 2D Animation and 3D Animation. There are also other types of animations such as Stop-motion (images in action in various angles and played in multiple frames per second to seem like an original movement), Flib Books ( includes drawings in numerous pages in a line) and many more.

Types of Animation

2D Animation normally consist of drawing the same scene in numerous ordered positions and play them in multiple frames per second to seem like original movement. 3D Animation consist of moving 3d objects via numerous 3D software such as Maya, XSI and many others.

Image Credit : Graphic Design Image by Shutterstock

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