How Much Does it Cost To Build A Website in 2014?

Quick answer: as much as you’re willing to spend.

Since those asking this tricky question are obviously webmasters-to-be and small website owners who have not yet started a site, they simply have no way of knowing which offers are suspiciously low, which are outrageously inflated and which are reasonable. The same online project can be priced at $500 at one web design agency, and $2,000 at the other. Why is it so? Let’s make a basic website cost breakdown and analyze each component in detail. Please note, when we say ‘basic website’ we’re talking about a simple business/portfolio website consisting of 10-25 pages with some social media widgets and basic content management. So, here’s a common scenario for most aspiring site owners.


Domain name: $10 per year

Though this is one of the most inexpensive digital assets, it’s an irreplaceable piece of your web presence. It costs as little as $10 or so per year, unless you want to purchase ‘’ or ‘’. Websites using their web host’s subdomain name are totally at the mercy of that host: when it shuts down, so does your website. So, if you’re looking to build a website yourself and you’re serious about this decision, don’t get carried away by free subdomains and other tempting offers.

Web Hosting: $50 – $100 per year

To get your website published on the web, you need to obtain a hosting account. Plan on spending $50-$100 a year for keeping your website running smoothly 24/7. As your site grows and gets more traffic, you may have to upgrade your account to a higher-priced plan. Similar to free subdomains, a free web host is a risky proposition for a professional site.

Design and Development: 60 hours x $15-$400

This is where most of your project cost will come in. When trying to budget design and development costs, there are many factors to consider:

? Do you have a ready concept/detailed requirements document?

? Do you need custom graphics (logotype, user interface etc.)?

? Do you need any special features (eCommerce, user management etc.)?


If you start from scratch, designers have nothing to work from, so it may take you weeks of meetings to fully define the project. On average, web planning, design and its implementation for a small business website requires 60 hours and up. Depending on experience and many other factors (project complexity, outsourcing details), the hourly rate can be anywhere from $15 to $400 (for a design/coding ninja :)). Practical experience shows that this is the case where you really get what you pay for.



Websites don’t maintain themselves. They require ongoing maintenance from a professional, saying nothing about the need to be updated and redesigned. Maintenance contracts vary dramatically depending on what you expect to get. You should budget at least $200 per month to have a designer or developer on call to fix urgent issues. If you expect them to upload content, create new graphics, manage social media and so on, the price will go up.


This is the most likely scenario for a potential website owner. But what if I told you that you could create a professional website under $100 per year? In the light of the recent advances in the web publishing industry I can’t but mention at least one alternative to the traditional website creation process – Webydo. Scaled up with Google Cloud Platform and EcwideCommerce, this web design suite allows designers create websites from scratch in a stress-free manner, thus making the process less expensive and faster.


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