How to choose an exhibit booth for your company

An exhibition booth is the most important part of the image of a company that is taking part in a trade show. Everyone who stops by at the booth is a potential new customer for that business; he or she may decide to start buying products or services of a particular kind exclusively from that company. This, of course, means another source of income for you.

The thing about exhibition booths is that, while all are designed with the aim of representing a certain interest of the business, they come in many different forms, not all of which are equally suitable for every purpose. For instance, pipe and drape displays, which consist of a set of vertical posts, each supported by a base and connected to the next by horizontal bars, are frequently used as backdrops for display pieces, but are practically useless for display client branding or graphics. On the other hand, a modular exhibit is great to have if each individual show calls for a new layout, to which it can be easily reconfigured.

Choosing the right type of exhibition booth is therefore the most vital single element in determining the overall impression that you will make on those who are discovering your existence for the first time, in whose minds this is everything! As the saying goes, you get only one chance to make a good first impression. Let us take a look, then, at some of the factors to be taken into consideration when you are trying to decide what kind of display to use for your exhibition.

What do you want people to see?
As we mentioned above, an exhibit display booths from is meant to display something of interest to the company that creates it. The first question to be answered, therefore, is what you want your audience to see. Is it a sampling of the products you sell, or is it the kinds of services that you have to offer? Do you want to show some project on which your company is currently working? How about the effects, emotional, physical or otherwise, that your things are supposed to have? Whatever it is, you want to set up your booth in such a way as to best convey your message.
Other important things on which you need to decide include:

  • How much space will you be needing? Where in the exhibition space will it be? The latter question is especially crucial because if you can manage to acquire a spot that is located close to the entrance to the show, then yours will be the first, or one of the first, displays that viewers see when they arrive. You will thus have the advantage of being able to persuade potential customers to buy from you before they even get a chance to look at the displays of any of your competitors.
  • What kind of exhibition booth lies within your budget? The budget of every business or individual is by definition limited, so you will have to justify every dollar that you intend to invest in a trade show display.
  • What are the rules of the exhibit hall you will be using? Every hall has its own regulations regarding things like Internet, electricity and getting tables and chairs. If you break them, you may be asked to leave and not be welcome at trade shows in that hall anymore.
  • What specific type of display are you going to use?
  • What materials will you need for the exhibition? Where will you obtain them?

Another important question that must always be addressed in the business world is that of the target audience. Every product or service is intended for a specific segment of the population. If yours is an expensive one, then your message will be targeting only those people who will be able to afford it. You will also have to coordinate staff briefings and plan booth coverage for the hours during which the exhibition will be open.

The exhibition booth, like the trade show itself, is your ticket to a prosperous company with many loyal customers. You therefore want to make the most of it.

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