IBM Certified Developer Certification Exams – Cognos 10 Controller

This IBM certification is for individuals who wish to be certified as Controller developers. A Controller developer is in charge of setting up a Controller application through the act of creating account and company structures. This individual is also in charge of setting up a variety of consolidation processes including investments in subsidiaries, intercompany transactions, and currency conversion. Furthermore, a Controller developer will have the ability to create designs for financial reports as well as generate such reports. An individual who possesses this certification will be a valuable implementation project team member.

To earn this IBM certification, candidates must pass one exam. This exam is known as the Test COG-605 – IBM Cognos 10 Controller Developer. There are some skills and abilities that are necessary for individuals who wish to take this exam and earn this certification. These skills and abilities include an understanding of IBM Cognos 8/10 Cognos connection and an understanding of IBM Cognos 8/10 Controller Configuration.

This IBM exam consists of a total of 94 questions, and the testing period is 120 minutes long. A wide range of topics are covered on this exam. These topics include company structure creation, account structure creation, general configuration setup, data entry and data import enabling, and many more.

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