Key Elements Of An Eye-catching Advertising Sign

Visual advertising in the form of custom signs, banners, or posters is aimed at gaining new customers and earning their business. In order to be really effective, your signs need to quickly grab the attention of people when they see the sign and then the ad needs to leave a lasting impression in each person’s mind. In many cases, the most effective advertisements are those which are unique or which have broken the mold of traditional advertising. Designing an effective sign can be a little bit tricky and is often harder than you at first think that it will be. However, with the combination of a little creativity and key design elements, you should be able to create a design that is just right for your business, your services or product, and your potential customers.

1. Empty Space

You might be tempted at first to fill up all the advertising space that you have available. However, the generous use of empty space will allow you to quickly get your message across. Many experts will advise you to leave about 50% of the sign space empty or white. Keep in mind that you have a very small amount of time to hold your target’s attention and you really need to get your point into their sight and understanding as quickly as possible.

2. Illustrate Your Customers’ Needs

In order to earn someone’s business, you will need to convince them that they can’t do without your product or service. How can your sign do this? Think about why people would need your business and include some important keywords and phrases in your advertisement. For example, if you are hoping to start up a neighborhood dog-walking service, then you may want to include phrases about your great affection for dogs, special training in dog behavior, or that you will come to the customers. Just remember that you have only a few seconds to get your point across, so keep the wording to a minimum and use images to help convey your message if you can.

3. Efficient Use of Color and Space

Take a look at some of the most effective advertising signs. Many of them use only a few colors. In fact, you should try to limit your use of color to three. Too many colors and too much “action” on your sign can actually be a detriment to your purpose. Your audience will look away in search of something a little easier to look at.

In many parts of the world, people read from left to right, from the top to the bottom. Work to create a customized design that flows in this pattern. Whether you are using images or words, your potential customer should be able to easily read the message that you are conveying.

4. Originality

Just about any business owner can find images and fonts from the Internet and use them to throw together an advertisement. However, if those images and fonts don’t really depict your specific business or the needs of your target customers, then they may not be very memorable. If you can insert some elements of originality into your design, then your audience will be more likely to remember the name of your business and associate your name with a solution to their problems.

5. Track Your Success

Your signs and other advertising will also be more effective if you can track the success of each campaign. Once you’ve started using a new sign have you experienced an increase in business? Carefully track your numbers so that you’ll be able to recognize your most effective sign designs.

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