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Of all the ways to distribute multimedia, one of the easiest is to make a CD and to give or sell it to the intended audience. For amateur musicians and filmmakers, CD printing represents an affordable way to make large numbers of items for distribution.

CD printing is a popular option amongst amateur musicians wishing to disseminate their music to a wider audience. Musicians often give away or sell CD’s to listeners at live performances, or else they produce CD’s as merchandise that can be sold through the internet. A CD with its own cover-art and lyrics sheet can be a very attractive item for a devoted fan. It also looks impressive to promoters and record companies.

Likewise, for amateur or low-budget film makers the ability to give away or sell CD’s of their films can be invaluable for increasing the number of people who encounter their work. For instance, a film student might choose to hand out copies to friends and classmates at a screening; an artist specialising in film-installations may give away or sell DVDs of their work during exhibitions or private screenings.


A cheaper alternative to CD printing is to buy CD-rs (re-writable CD’s) and to burn copies of your work onto each one individually. CD-rs are cheap, easily available and have the advantage of enabling you to make smaller numbers of copies. The disadvantages are that CD-rs are less durable and less attractive than CD’s. Because of the way a CDr works, it is far easier to corrupt the data on them than on a normal CD. This potentially leaves your customers and fans with merchandise whose sole use is as a coffee-mat. Secondly, a CDr with the name of your band or film scrawled in felt tip on the front just doesn’t look that great.

Companies who offer CD printing services have a number of different options in terms of presentation and packaging. CD’s can either have colour-printed surfaces or the classic plain black text. Packaging choices usually include jewel cases, cardboard sleeves or clam-shells, with some companies offering the added extra of a plastic film-wrapping. Of course, an important thing to look out for is whether or not the company duplicates DVD’s, since many companies only deal in music duplication. Finally, most companies make CD’s in bulk orders of more than 50, though the more you buy, the less the cost per CD.

Having professionally printed CD’s is a much more attractive option than simply giving out homemade CD-rs. It gives a much more professional appearance and yields more choices in terms of packaging and presentation. Of course, having CD’s printed is much easier than sitting all day in front of a laptop repeatedly inserting blank CD’s and pressing the “burn” button. Most of all, though, a professionally duplicated CD, complete with its own cover and insert is simply a nice object to have. It is the physical embodiment of the work that went into that music, the effort that went into that film.

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