Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorial : Create A Dead End Desert Scene

This is a Adobe Photoshop tutorial about creating a dead end scene in a desert. The concept of this image is to create a desert scene where life is really difficult and its hard to survive in this kind of situation. Now lets get on with this tutorial.

What We Are Creating

dead end desert


Stock Images


Dead Horse

Dead End Sign Board



Step 1

First download the desert image from the link given above in stock images list and then open in in Adobe Photoshop. This snap of a desert looks really simple and its far far away from being a dead end kind of image but we will work on it at the end.



Step 2

Now its time to bring the characters in this desert. Open the image of dead horse and select the horse with pen tool and then copy it and paste it on the desert image.

step 2


Step 3

Now clean the edges of horse that are remaining while cutting it with pen tool. You can use eraser tool for this task.

step 3


Step 4

Now open the eagle image and follow the same process. Cut the eagle with pen tool and then copy it and place it in your image just over the horse.

step 4

step 5 

Step 5

Our scene has a desert scene in the sun so we need to create the shadow of the eagle. We didn’t create the shadow for horse because the stock image already had the shadow as I want to. Now select the eagle layer and open its layer options. Now select the drop shadow and fill it with the following options.

step 6

step 7


Step 6

Open the skull stock image and select the skull from image and place it on the right bottom corner of our desert scene. After placing the skull select the skull layer options and select drop shadow option and fill it with following settings.

step 8

step 9


Step 7

Now open the dead end sign board image and cut the board and place it just above the skull.

step 10


Step 8

Duplicate the sign board layer and transform it to opposite direction to make it the shadow of the sign board. Now select the curves option (image > adjustments > curves) and just drag it towards to bottom of your screen.

step 11

step 12


Step 9

All the characters are in their place now. Its time to give the life to the scene by adjusting the colors. But before doing anything else just flatten the image. After flattening the image select the apply image option from above menu ( Image > Apply Image).

step 13

step 14


Step 10

Now go to color balance option ( Image > Adjustments > Color Balance ) and fill it with following settings and press ok.

step 16

step 15


After adjusting the color balance your dead end desert scene is ready with its killer look. Smile

Final Result

dead end desert

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