Protecting Your eReader

While the various eReaders have continued to develop and become more sophisticated, not everyone has made the transition. It was challenging at first to get people to use basic eReaders. Many insisted that actual books were superior, but in time, the various devices gained their own followings. Then came the tablet with all of the options of an eReader and more. The one challenge that has come up is security. For more sophisticated eReaders with tablet-like capabilities, security is easily resolved by downloading security apps. But for the more basic eReaders, apps cannot be downloaded as easily. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Find Out if the Manufacturer Offers a Special Download

As the threat from hackers and viruses continues to grow, a number of manufacturers have started offering security packages. You can download these and install them directly onto your system. If you can’t find the security package, remember that sometimes it is automatically installed through the patch. To find out, you will have to visit the manufacturer’s site, or you may have to call them. Do not attempt to hack into your eReader or jailbreak it. This will only cause more problems, and it will void your warranty.

Avoid Downloading from Unrecognized Sources

Most eReaders are associated with specific online bookstores. However, you can generally add eBooks from other commercial sources as well. The problem does not come with downloading eBooks from competing online bookstores. The problem comes when you attempt to download eBooks from streaming services or general websites. While sometimes they offer legitimate eBooks for free downloads, a number of the eBooks have corrupted files. Once these eBooks are downloaded, opening them will allow the virus, malware, or phishing software to upload into the electronic book readers.

It’s difficult to determine whether eBooks from an unrecognized source or a general collection of eBooks is actually legitimate. On a number of hub-based sites, people just upload copies of eBooks for others to download. Some may be the legitimate owners while others may have stolen the works. The problem is that unless you scan each eBook individually for viruses or problems, you cannot know for sure. Commercial eBook stores have software in place that screens all of the eBooks to ensure that nothing like that happens to them. Unrecognized sources, on the other hand, do not.

Clean Out Deleted Files

All eReaders keep backup copies of documents and eBooks on the drive. You will need to make sure that these are removed. Oftentimes, you must do this by going through the settings. This becomes particularly important when your eReader has been compromised in some way. If you have had to fight off a virus of some kind, you will need to make sure that the deleted files have been thoroughly cleaned out. Otherwise, you could wind up leaving remnants of the virus or worm.

Protecting a basic eReader can be a little more challenging than protecting a tablet with higher security features. But it’s still possible. Your first step should be to see if they have released a security patch of some kind. You must then make sure that you only download from recognized sources. Additionally, you will want to be sure that you clean out all of the old deleted files.

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