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Webhosting is a crucial factor for any site. It can make or break your website. It is always a difficult decision to choose a web host for your website. There are many hosting providers available but choosing one according to your need is important. Today every website which has good traffic is looking for powerful dedicated servers that can handle their site’s traffic effectively. Are you also looking for dedicated server for website? If yes then ServerClub can be a good option for you.

ServerClub is a Florida based company registered as ServerClub Inc. Dedicated servers of hosts of ServerClub is located at EvoSwitch Datacenter at Amsterdam. They provides affordable and reliable dedicated server that will help you to keep your website fast and secure. The customer service staff of ServerClub will be available to help you 24*7. They will help you to solve your every whether it is related to software or hardware. They will also help you to set new and also in transferring your data from your old servers.

Security is a major aspect while choosing a dedicated and ServerClub will not let you feel low in security aspect also. The servers of ServerClub will help you to have a secure business/personal website. They offer uplink capacity of 220 GBPS and premium bandwidth with 1000 MB connections. The hardware components of ServerClub servers have been made by Dell and the IP network is designed by the well known CISCO networks system.

Sum Up Features:

Affordable Servers: Company offers affordable dedicated web hosting by which you can make your site hosted on deddicated servers at cheap prices.

Dedicated Team: The team of professional will take care of server response of each website which will help your site to load fast.

Free Installation: There is no extra server installation fee from ServerClub. You can install your new dedicated server free of cost.

Superb Customer Support: Customer’s Satisfaction is their motto. Their customer support staff will be available to help you 24 X 7. They will help you to set your servers instantly. They will help you to solve your each and every issue.

Availability of Servers All across the Globe: They have large no. of dedicated web servers all across the globe which will help your site to load smoothly.

Safe and Secure Servers: They offer the best security features by which you can keep your website data and content safe and secure from spammers and hackers.

Easy Payment Options: allows you to pay you via web money, Visa, Master card, American express and PayPal. Huge range of payment option makes it simple and easy to pay them for your desired package.


I will recommend to those who are looking for a reliable dedicated host for their websites. They will provide everything you need to set up dedicated hosting. Their customer support will also help you to choose plan according to your need. For more details and plans hit

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