Show Your Customers that You Appreciate Them

Showing someone that you appreciate them is one of the easiest things to do. The dictionary defines appreciation as “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.” To let someone know you appreciate them, you could take the time to stop by and visit, being certain to tell the person how much you are grateful for something he or she did or said. Another thing you could do to express your appreciation is to send someone who’s important to you a thank you card.

Regularly expressing your appreciation is a great way to build rewarding relationships. This applies to individual relationships and to business relationships. As Kissmetrics says, “Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important.”

Ten of the best ways to show your relatives, friends and customers that you appreciate them include, of course, sending them a thank you card. By sending family members, friends and customers thank you, holiday, happy anniversary, congratulations cards, you’re keeping in touch with them. This single step is a key part of the personal customer relationship management building and strengthening process.

If you work with a company that designs standard as well as customized thank you card artwork, you can send cards to relatives, friends and customers based on the customers’ personal tastes. For example, an animal lover might enjoy receiving a card with dogs or a giraffe on the cover. An adventurous customer might enjoy receiving a thank you card that has an airplane or a couple skiing on the cover.


Choose the right thank you card and you can send a message to people you appreciate that you have taken the time to get to know them. Once you achieve this, these people know that you value them. In turn, this could increase the level of trust these people have in you.

If you’re using a thank you card to help grow your business, another action step that lets customers know you value them has to do with your customer service. Commit to training your staff on how to respond to customer inquiries, complaints and concerns. During trainings remind your staff that keeping customers happy is key to your business success.

Furthermore, Kissmetrics shares that, “Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience. So that’s a way to significantly influence the word of mouth about your business. Don’t act as a nameless or faceless business; genuinely talk with your customers as a person representing the business. Address your customers by name, and tell them your name at the very beginning of your interaction.”

Customer service representatives (as well as your entire staff) should listen fully to customers. This means not cutting customers off, even when they’re clearly angry. Information that customers share with your staff can give you additional clues on what makes customers tick, what their passions are dreams are.

Again, you can use this information to customize your expressions of appreciation to customers when you send them a thank you card. Apply this same level of patience and focus when selecting and sending a thank you card to your loved ones. Save yourself time and money by getting the cards from companies that stamp and mail the correspondence for you.

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