Ten Reasons to Consider Hull for Renting.

Many individuals, both young and old, are moving to Hull and choosing to pay Hull rent. This is because they have heard of the many benefits and advantages of living in a city that offers more benefits to renters than some of its neighbours.


Hull is approximately fifty miles east of the City of Leeds. If you are looking for Hull on the map, you will find it in North East England. It is tucked in right at the midway point between Edinburgh and London.

Here are the top ten reasons why the over two hundred and fifty thousand residents have fallen in love with the City and its many attractions.

  1. The weather in Hull is one of its most attractive features. It rarely snows there and there is very little rainfall in comparison to its very wet neighbouring towns. It rains up to a whopping twenty five percent less in Hull than in London.
  2. Young people between the ages of 18 to 30 would prefer to live in Hull than to live in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, or Nottingham.
  3. Hull is not as busy as the busier metropolitans in the larger cities and town.
  4. The people are cheerful and happy and the town is much more warm and friendly. This gives the town a more laid back, warm, and comfortable feeling.
  5. Your pound will go much further and give you much more comfort, features, and space. The cost of rent in Hull is several times cheaper than in the rest of the UK. When compared to other areas, the only town or city that can compare or offer cheaper rates is Bradford.
  6. Average monthly rental rates in Hull can start as low as five hundred pounds in comparison to the urban centres such as London, whose average rental charges are approximately two thousand seven hundred pounds.
  7. Crime is not a major concern for those who choose to reside in Hull. Renters and buyers enjoy a high level of confidence that their surroundings, possessions and loved ones are safe.
  8. It is a very affordable town to live in. The cost of living is very low compared to London and other major cities.  Low cost of living is a bonus as wages are not at the highest level in comparison to other places. Wages for young people between the ages of eighteen to thirty averages lower than sixteen thousand pounds.
  9. The town of hull as a lot of opportunities for young people and a vibrant job market.
  10. The UK’s City of Culture 2017. There are always lots of things to do and see in Hull. The residents enjoy a fulfilling and active social life. There is lots of culture and entertainment available and a very active sports culture as the town is home to many of the top sport teams in the UK.

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Visit Hull and East Yorkshire is the official tourist board site for the area, it gibes you a good idea of things you can do in the area.

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