Ten Ways to Improve the Pictures You Take

Photography is an art. It is much more than holding a camera and pushing a button. It has style. It tells a story. It captures emotion. While photography is truly a form of art, there are ways to make your photos look professional – even if you aren’t. Whether you are aspiring to be a professional or just learn a new hobby, there are some ways to may your photos appear professional even if you aren’t.

Keep it Real

Not all pictures are posed with subjects saying ‘cheese’ on three. Taking pictures in real moments captures the true mood much better than a posed photograph. Photos should be natural. Keep your camera handy and capture moments that seem real and every day.


Lighting plays a key role in photography. When you are taking pictures, you want the brightest light to be coming from behind the camera. A much dimmer light comes from behind your subject. The third, and final, light source hits the subject at different angles to fill in the shadows.


Where you print your pictures and the medium they are printed on does affect the outcome of the picture. Many printing services are available, but be sure to pick a quality location. Although we all like to save our pennies, the cheapest place is not usually the best place.

Also, be careful if you choose to make color copies of your prints. In order for the color copies to be clear, they too need to be printed at a high-quality printing service in order for the final product to be clear.


Many people think the flash is only used in the dark. This is not true. If you are shooting outside, use the flash. The light helps to brighten the face. If you don’t use the flash outside, there will be dark shadows on the face of your subject.

Also, know your flashes range. The flash has a range of the distance the flash will work. Know how far that is so you can position yourself somewhere where the flash will work.

Shutter Speed

If you are moving something still you have a very low shutter speed, and if you are shooting a moving object, like a toddler playing, you must change to a higher shutter speed – 400 is a good choice. Learn to adjust the shutter speed so images are crisp.

Know Your Camera

It sounds elementary, but in order to take advantage of the features of your camera you must know they exist and how to use them. Read the manual that came with your camera or find a tutorial online. Know what each button does and how to adjust the shutter speed and turn on and off the flash.

The Rule of Thirds

To take a good picture, your subject does not always have to be right smack in the middle of the photo. Photographers use a technique called the rule of thirds to solve this problem. Imagine you split your camera screen up into 9 squares – 3 rows of three. If your subject is on any point of those intersecting lines, you will have a good picture. This creates movement and depth.

Know Where to Focus

Believe it or not, you can still have a breath-taking photo that consists for some blurry spots. When some parts of the photo are out of focus, it causes you to focus on the subject. This creates a dramatic effect.

Use a Tripod

A steady hand is a necessity in the picture taking world. A tripod makes this a guarantee. Not only is a tripod great for positioning the shot, but you can also adjust the tilt of the camera. When you are taking pictures in low-light, any movement will be detected in the picture. This is the time a tripod is most useful. It is steady so no movement is captured.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Picture taking is just like anything else – to be good at it you have to practice. Take your camera with you everywhere. Practice and tryout all the functions on your camera.

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