The Role of Web Developers

One of the things that many companies do not consider when building a company intranet is how web developers conceptualize an intranet, website or web community. Companies rarely understand the roles that the developers play in making all things web-oriented run smoothly. Here are a few things to consider when seeking out the services of web developers.

Duties and Services – What Do Developers Do?

In a nutshell a web developer specializes in building and maintaining high end websites. Their work is completely different than that of a web master. Sure the term, webmaster sounds highly important, and while they are important –in a sense – their work is not as intricate as that of a web developer. In short, a webmaster merely fixes personal websites by using ready-made scripts. If someone is a developer, their work is quite involved. A developer originates and customizes scripts. Furthermore, a developer understands the many scripting languages available within their respective field.

Here is another important difference. The developer – when it comes to websites – can build a website from the bottom up. They can fine tune all of the minor functions and can also customize the layout of a website to meet your specific preferences and requirements.

Customer Service

The best web developers have a keen sense of customer service. They are not just trying to make a quick buck. Instead they are looking to meet and exceed client expectations while understanding the products, and services offered by the client and the target market that the client wants to reach. With all of this in tow, the developer will then craft the best possible website that will be aesthetically pleasing while being entirely functional enough to meet the needs of the client.

Quality Assurance

The developer will also double and triple check to ensure that the website is completely functional with the web browsers most used by end users. This includes, making the website fully functional on a mobile platform. Another quality assurance test that might be performed by the developer is to ensure that navigation through the website is easy and functional in addition to ensuring that the navigation process makes sense to end users. For instance, may websites might look nice but unfortunately they are not setup in a logical way. This can be a complete and utter deal breaker for visitors.

Additionally, a developer will ensure that the website in which they are creating, updating or working on is fully optimized for SEO integration so that visitors can find it easily when doing a web search. Carefully infusing SEO keywords into the text of the website is essential for the success of the products or services being sold on the website. Many companies fail to request that the web developers on staff aid with this essential component. Furthermore, if the website has forms (i.e. contact forms, product request forms, or tech support forms) a developer will ensure that all of the forms work properly. They may do a series of test messages to see if everything goes through.

Finding a quality developer can be a challenge. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for it can be easy. For more information, or if you need a developer for your website or company intranet needs, go to

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