Top 10 Wedding Thank You’s

So you have planned the perfect wedding, invited your closest friends and family, had a special event that you and your guests will not soon forget, and thanks to the loving contributions of so many attendees, the whole thing has gone off without a hitch.

Now you are exhausted, elated and ready to head off on your honeymoon. All that’s left to do is leave your guest with a thank you gift, large or small but always from the heart, as a token of your appreciation. Here are ten great thank you gift ideas, ranging in price and style to suit any budget or personality.

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I Spy” Camera Cards

· These cards will have a number of clever, cute photo ideas for guests at your wedding, encouraging them to check off as many boxes as possible. This is a great way to keep your guests involved and having fun all night, and to ensure that there will be plenty of pictures of all your attendees to tag on social media the next day. To top it off, create a thank you page on which people can post their photos, so that everyone can remember the great time they had.

Flip Flops for All

· Here is a thank you gift that will truly have your guests breathing a sigh of relief. After a long day spent in dress shoes or heels, there’s nothing like a pair of flip flops to give comfort to your guests’ feet, and get them out on the dance floor having a ball.

Creative Candles

· Making your own candles is relatively cheap and easy, and allows you to show off your creative side. Shop around at thrift stores to pick up some interesting containers for your candles, and give your guests a gift that shows how thoughtful you are. When your guests bring the candles home, they’ll always have a little token by which to remember your special night.

Hangover Kit

· Planning to throw a reception party that will have your guests rocking and rolling all through the night? There are few better ways to say thank you than a simple kit to help them through the next morning. You can include a sports drink or some water, a few ibuprofen, and a monogrammed eye mask that will let your guests catch a few extra hours of needed sleep.

Tungsten Rings

· You may not have realized, but tungsten rings are incredibly sleek and stylish. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can choose something that catches your eye and fits your budget. Your guests will love this outside-the-box thank you gift, and it will be a token they can wear for years to come.

Mini Pinatas

· Sure, most of your guests are probably all grown up, but who doesn’t love smashing a pinata to find out what’s inside? Mini pinatas are fun, creative thank you gifts, and the best part is that you can fill them with anything you please. Mix in a few novelty items and you’re sure to get a laugh.

Fresh Fruit

· If you are having a summer wedding, or live in an area in which a certain kind of fruit is particularly tasty, fresh fruit is a great idea for a parting gift. For bonus points, give the fruit away in cute, miniature baskets that your creative guests will surely find another use for once the fruit is gone.

Tea and Scones

· There will be nothing like a cup of tea and a tasty treat for your guests the morning after your wedding. If your wedding has a certain theme, you can pick a type of tea from the area which inspired it. These gifts can be given as a standalone, or paired with a pretty piece of china to complete the effect.

Cocktail Sets

· Give your guests a gift that will keep the party going long after your wedding is over. A martini set is the classic choice, always sure to satisfy. To go a different route, how about a mojito mixing kit? Your guests will have a great time mixing up drinks with these kits, and will always think of you when doing so.

Charitable Donations

· Some people might think the gift of a charitable donation is tacky, but who can really argue with a contribution to a worthy cause? In fact, many guests will appreciate the thought that goes into a donation, and be happy that you chose that route instead of a personal gift. Be sure to provide a note that tells your guests which cause the money will go to.

The only limit to the thank you gifts you give is your imagination. Remember that you don’t have to blow your guests away with something fancy or costly for them to appreciate the gift you choose to give – though there is nothing wrong with going the extravagant route if it fits your budget. No matter what you choose, chances are that your guests will appreciate the fact that you put some thought into it, and tried to give them something they would enjoy.

Image Credit : Derek Boston

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