Top 10 WordPress Plug-Ins For Web Design Blogs

WordPress, as everyone knows, it is one of the popular and biggest blogging platforms. It is getting used widely by all people globally. And, do you ever think about the reasons why the WordPress blogging platform is so popular? It is because this platform supports most of the templates and lots of useful plug-ins. So, people find this platform more flexible, convenient and customizable to meet their standards and needs. You really have thousands of useful plug-ins available with WordPress. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can add almost all kinds of functionality to your site using the WordPress plug-ins. The plug-ins play a main role in the popularity and reach of WordPress.

You might have wondered with the font, style and other kind of typographies of other websites. They are very important to make the content stand out differently amongst the others. But, have you ever thought about how it was possible for them to design such a font or layout? These kinds of things are possible only through two ways, either through CSS styling manually or through the plug-ins. Many developers are today coming with lots of useful and updated plug-ins. They will be available for free of cost, but if you wish you can make a payment too just to support the developers financially. The plug-ins will help you to perfectly handle the supporting elements like fonts, character spacing, special characters, font size, template etc.

Be aware of the fact that WordPress is no more a simple tool used for just blogging, but getting used in many ground-breaking ways from a normal website to e-trade and more. You can catch the attraction of readers simply through plug-ins. It is possible to change the look and functionality of your websites through plug-ins. Thousands and thousands of websites are there today. But, what makes your website or blog to stand differently and odd in the crowd by competing with other websites? It’s the content and look of your website which makes it completely worth for the time and effort spend by the readers. You can achieve this trademark through plug-ins and here you go the top 10 plug-ins of WordPress.

1. WordPress SEO BY Yoast



2. Akismet



3. W3 Total Cache



4. Dig Dig



5. Seo Smart Links



6. Wp Touch



7. Photodropper



8. WordPress Related Post



9. Sociable



10. Google Xml Sitemap



11. Jetpack



12. Fv Community News



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