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For most people, there is only a window of a few years in their life where traveling with everything they own on their back and staying in hostels where they must share a room with twenty strangers and a bathroom with forty seems like a good way to save a buck. However, some hostels blur the lines between budget and just down right awesome. And since a website is the first place a guest actually visits, these hostels are notorious for equally as well designed websites as actually great places to say. Here are the top 5 hostel websites for some design and travel inspiration.

Websites that make you want to travel on a dime



1. Villa Saint Exupery – Nice, France.

The Villa sucks you right into the Mediterranean seaside city of Nice with its captivating background image and bright colors cheering up the whole website. Plus the website offers videos, articles, and more to get travelers pumped before they’ve even got their passport stamped.


2. Traveller’s House Lisbon

The Travellers House website is a perfect example of modern clean web design. The photo gallery on the front page offers a range of pictures featuring the hostel and its youthful yet clean and sophisticated environment. If you are a traveler who appreciates the finer things in budget travel, this website will draw you in.


3. Surf N Sun Gold Coast, Australia

Possibly not the most sophisticated website design, the Surf N Sun is a simple site but it gets the job done. 1) It has girls in bikinis, 2) it shows off the velvet soft sand and 3) it does offer a lot of practical information for travelers. Plus, it captures the fun, young, party-like vibe of the hostel, capturing its essence, which is the main goal of good design.


4. Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Abraham Hostel’s website is a great stop for anyone traveling to Jerusalem. It is filled with advice articles, photos, guides, maps, activities, and more. Also, the website is well laid out, a great size for every device from a small laptop to giant monitors, and follows the key tenants of good design – the main one being: make everything essential simple to find.


5. The Cat’s Hostel Madrid

The Cat’s Hostel in Madrid has an awesome blog style website. It’s got all the pertinent information and features the logo design is one of the best in the business. Hostels often overlook things like font and typography when creating their name –but the Cat’s Hostel covers all its logo bases and features a great color scheme on the site as well.

Happy Travels whether from your office chair or in person!

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