23 Fresh And Useful Articles For Graphic Designers And Web Designers

This is a collection of fresh and useful articles for graphic designers and web designers. Some of these articles have been chosen by our team and some of the articles have been submitted by our readers and blog owners. If you want to submit any article of your blog or from some other blog that you will find useful for our readers then you can submit it by using the submission form in the sidebar.

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resources for graphic designers and web designers

A day of User Interface Design

I’m surrounded by user interface design. From the moment I wake up I’m faced with some simple and some more complex interface designs that somehow I manage to work out.

32 Resourceful Blogs for Web Designers and Developers

Is incredible how fast and beautiful things become in the web development community. More and more talented people are now working on developing great designs and scripts to improve the web quality and to make the internet a better place.

8 useful receipes to improve your WordPress theme

Blog engine or CMS, call it whatever you want but WordPress is a great tool for web designers. It just get a little hard to use sometimes when you want to do some more advanced things in your theme and you are not a coder. Here are 8 snippets of code that have helped me in recent projects.

25 Examples of Web Designs using Water Theme

Adding a touch of nature to your designs can go along way. Today i have picked water as my theme ofweb designs. So i have gathered a lovely collection of  Water Web Designs for your inspiration. These designs are really cool and beautiful. I hope you do like them.

20 Best Free Fonts Inspired by Movies

A collection of the best free movie fonts is offered below for you to make the most of your bright and brave creative ideas. Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Terminator, Pirates of the Caribbean – this is only a fraction of a large galaxy of movies, which have become blockbusters and inspired many artists to mimic the peculiar styles in their spheres of art.

30 Beautiful Infographics for your Inspiration

Infographics are graphic representation of wide variety of information. Now a days designers have taken infographics to a new level representing various information visually in such a manner that it is easy to understand as well as appealing to eyes. Infographic design has evolved as a new field, where data visualization is done creatively & neatly.

Spectacular Web Designs With Unique Layouts – 33 Examples

We always like websites with unique layouts because of their out of the ordinary style and although they’re pretty hard to code. Some designers make such a layout just to add it to their portfolio, don’t even bother coding but some take it to the next step and very probable they receive an award for their accomplishment.

70 Modern Alcohol Advertisements

Alcohol is one of the most commonly advertised and consumed products on the planet. Whether you’re avodka, whiskey, bourbon, beer or wine drinker, good advertising can always be appreciated. Below you will find my collection of 70 modern alcohol advertisements. Enjoy!

50 High Quality Fonts Every Designer Must Download

There are so many free fonts all around the web these days and sometimes it makes me think is their any really point purchasing fonts. I’ve decide to collect 50 fonts which are suitable for web, print, etc just overall high fonts which can be used in design projects.

43 Impressive and Fully Creative Hand Drawn Websites

We became familiar with Web 2.0 styled websites in the last few years but there are also trendy and unique designs.Hand-drawn style is getting more popular in design world and you can come across amazingly creative hand-drawn websites over the internet

10 Timeless and Effective Ways to Supercharge an Online Portfolio

As a graphic or web designer, how you present your work to the world says a lot about you. This article is intended to provide you with 10 ideas you can use to supercharge your online portfolio. If you’re a new designer, you may just be looking for cool portfolio ideas.

Tips and Advice When Starting Your Own Design Blog

tarting a design related blog has to be one of my biggest accomplishments as a developer and it has also become a tool to help me learn more about web design and development (I even list nenuno on my CV!).

42 Breathtaking Photo Manipulations To Make You Say Wow

Photomanipulation is one of my favourite artwork. In the past we covered two posts on photomanipulation. one is 35 Examples Of Dark Photo Manipulation and the other one is 51 Fresh & Amazing Photo Manipulations From DeviantArt.

30 Most Inspired Russian’s Art – Unique

Hi there fellas! A good news from a snowy country i guess, there are a lot of designers out there at Russia, a very talented one i mean. As today, like any other day i was surfing through the internet, and what differs today with another day is that, i found out a lot of resources there regarding creative arts, and yes i do love the passion the way the show!

6 Must Have Portable Applications For Web Developers

Portable Applications are really helpful because you can run them on any computer. They are compatible with every operating system. You don’t have to install them before using them. These applications are fast and reliable.

6 Services to Help you Monitor your Server

Most webmasters, as well as developers and designers, worry about the front end of a web site. They make sure that it looks perfect and that the scripts work fine. And most of the times, the physical machine that the site is installed on is not optimized to take full advantage of its resources and work as effective as possible.

The Importance Of Simplicity In Website Design

Designing websites that are simple to use can be a difficult process. Whilst the end result may be a usable and effective site that appears very basic and minimal, a lot of thought has to go into the goals of the interaction experience and the way in which it is presented to the user.

3 Reasons Why Design News Blogs Sucks

You must have the knowledge of design news blogs, the blogs which only publish the links from other design blogs and never publish anything original from their side. These blogs are good for design blogs as these blogs gives chance to share their articles, but most of the design blogs are not doing any good to the readers as they are continuously publishing articles from 8 or 10 most popular blogs.

30+ Examples of Corporate Logo Redesigns

Logo is a representation of any corporate and this is the reason why companies spend sizable amount of resource when site for their logo design. It carries an extreme importance in making corporate a brand. The way in which the logo is designed enhances the brand value of any corporate.

65+ Free Handwritten Fonts for Elegant Designs

Story of handwritten fonts (or we can say only fonts) starts from very old ages, when people was just realizing the need of communication between one and other. People learned to convey their message by using signs and symbols, this process continued and entered different stages of development until the languages and letters were formed.

How to Create a Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie In Illustrator

Cookies, also known as biscuits, are probably the most popular bakery product around the world, and due to the variety of their flavours and aromas, it is extremely hard to resist the temptation of trying them. In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to create a super detailed cookie illustration inside Adobe Illustrator.

35 High Quality Free WordPress Themes

Designers and developers always love to get new and creative WordPress themes. Now WordPress themes are broadly used in blogs and different types of websites. These themes are not only helpful for those who have no knowledge on CSS coding or any designing but also helpful who know the customization of their blog or website.

Fancy Fonts for Your Futuristic Designs – 20 Examples To Download

Though it is said that futurism in art died on 1944 with the passing away of its leader Marinetti, futuristic influence still exhibits itself in multiple forms of modern art, including visual art and typography.

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