Web Development At Its Best With Kendo UI

I am a web developer and as a web developer I love to try news frameworks. Last week I download the Kendo UI framework and I was just amazed at its features. The main thing I loved about Kendo UI is that it meets the latest web standards of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. I always believe that the combination of HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script is the future of web development. This is the reason I always prefer to work with a framework that is compatible with all three of them. When you will work yourself in Kendo UI you will find it very useful for your new projects. Now lets talk about Kendo UI features.

kendo framework

Features Of Kendo UI

Open Source

Kendo UI is currently in its Beta version and it is licensed under the Beta license. Although they are planning to release it with two license options i.e. Commercial and Open Source. But at the moment you can enjoy this amazing framework for free. Personally If I find any premium framework useful for me I don’t care to pay some amount for it.

Excellent HTML5 and CSS3 Support

HTML5 and CSS3 is the future of web development and Kendo UI framework has an excellent support for both  CSS3 and HTML5.

Mobile UI Controls

kendo framework

I believe that atleast 10% of the internet users are using web on their Apple and Android mobile devices. So every good website should have compatible with these mobile phone browsers. And you will be happy to hear as a web developer that Kendo UI is providing full support for mobile controls. According to me Kendo UI is the best framework till date for mobile UI controls.

So now you are familiar with the features of this amazing web development framework and I m sure you would love to try your hands on this framework. Right now it is in Beta version and you will see its official release at the end of 2011.

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