Where to Find Inspiration for Your Doll House Décor

Collecting doll house furniture and putting together a beautiful doll house can be a very fun and rewarding hobby. There are so many beautiful miniatures out there and you can really put together a unique and beautiful doll house that you will be proud of.

Designing your dolls house is a lot of fun and it allows you to enjoy the creative process of a renovation, without all of the mess of a full-sized renovation. But where does your inspiration for your doll house designs come from? Perhaps it comes from your imagination, but what about when you are stuck for design ideas and you want something new? Here are a few ideas of where you can find inspiration for your doll house décor:

Historical Sites and Castles

Why not go on a bit of a day out and visit a local historic sites or a castle in your area? There are many gorgeous old mansions, hotels, manor homes and castles throughout the UK. Whether or not you are working on a doll house that is themed from that particular historical period, you might still get some inspiration from the décor. Perhaps you love the way that the wall paper is used throughout the rooms, or the layout of the drawing room. Take photos of your favourite design details so that you can come home and incorporate them into your doll house.

Dolls House Blogs and Websites

There are many online websites and blogs that are dedicated to the love of dolls house furniture and crafting the perfect doll house. You can take a look at some of these online resources to get some ideas from what others are doing. Of course, this doesn’t mean copying others completely – but if you like certain elements of their style there is nothing wrong with using them for inspiration.

Design Magazines

Of course, the photos in design magazines are of full sized homes – but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t recreate the ideas on a miniature scale. There are so many home décor and design magazines out there on the market, so pick up a few of your favourites or even take out a subscription to a magazine that you really like.

History Books

If you are building a dolls house that is inspired by a historic style, such as a Victorian or Georgian home, you can take a look at history books that chronicle what the homes used to look like at that time. They will have photographs, illustrations and paintings that will give you an indication of what type of wallpaper, furniture, decorations and other details were used to decorate the rooms.

The Art Gallery

Speaking of paintings, another great place to find some inspiration for your dolls house is at your local art gallery. There you will find a number of paintings, drawings, illustrations and photographs that might depict interior scenes of houses. You can take a look at the interior décor within the paintings and see if you find any inspiration from it at all. Perhaps you might even like one of the paintings as well and decide to reproduce it on a tiny scale for your dolls house.

Found Objects

If you really think outside the box when it comes to finding inspiration for your dolls house, you might just see some ideas in objects around the house. For example, a beautiful glass crystal Christmas tree decoration might just make the perfect chandelier for your home’s foyer. The pretty wrapping paper that you get on your birthday present could be reused as wall paper for your dolls house. The fabric of a handkerchief could make lovely curtains for the front room. Keep your creative mind working and see inspiration wherever you go.

These are just a few of the fun ways that you could get inspiration for your dolls house décor. Remember, your dolls house is your creative project so the décor that you choose is totally up to you. You can follow a historic theme, or you could create something totally unique that is a mish-mash of many different styles. You can take inspiration from many different sources and combine it together with your own imagination – that’s part of the fun of decorating a doll’s house!

About the author:

Kay Brown is a freelance writer and blogger, who is also a passionate dolls house enthusiast. She has been working on a replica of a 1920s Art Deco mansion for the past 6 months and gets inspiration from old magazines from the time period.

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