Why isn’t my website a success?

It isn’t enough to simply have a website up there in some corner of the internet. It order to really make your internet presence work for you, having great website hosting isn’t enough. Your website has to be sleek and well-designed, finely crafted to meet the needs of your customers and clients. And yet there are far too many websites that needlessly clutter their space up with worthless junk, detracting from the user’s experience, and throwing them off whatever it is you were promoting in the first place. 

However, rest assured that lessons have been learned from such egregious follies, and your website doesn’t have to end up lumped in the same basket. A top notch website is sleek, easy to use, and a rewarding experience – and it’s easy, if you follow some of the advice presented below.


This really says it all – be clear and concise with what you want your users to see. Guide them to the product or cause that you’re promoting, don’t bar the way with confusing, unnecessary tech-speak and needless clutter. You don’t have to put your life story up there, and to be honest, very few people will want to read it. Just keep it relevant, and keep it simple. 

Simple animation

Although it is extremely tempting to use every animation and graphic tricks out there, you might want to take a step back and realize that it’s not doing you any favors, and it’s too much of a distraction for visitors to your site. Animations can be effective, but that doesn’t mean you get to use several dozen of them to hit the one that works. You can also use software such as Dreamweaver to assist you with developing graphic designs and animations that suits your preferences. 

Speak like a human!

Keeping it simple also applies to the way you write. Avoid using those catchy, tech-speak catchphrases. They might be popular in some circles, but jargon will just contribute to the clutter and distractions, and soon enough potential new clients will make a dash for it and not look back.


It really pays off if you can personalize the online experience. Tailor your site to your clients if you can, be creative, and make every visit an individual experience. Your website is a chance to be more than just a promotional tool too, and you’ll find that if you treat your clients like the intelligent, savvy folk they are, they’ll pay you back in kind. Consider that your website can work to promote good causes, and you can raise awareness through conscious choices that you make. This also factors in your business communications through your website – the personal touch shows respect, and elevates your business to more than simply a trading post.

Careful with adverts

Tread lightly when it comes to implementing ads into your website, and don’t be blindsided by the extra revenue. Remember that the best website design is one that’s clean, sleek, and doesn’t bombard unsuspecting visitors with annoying pop-up advertising and extra distractions. Native advertising circumvents this problem, and is worth considering – it can be made to blend into your website seamlessly, and won’t send your clients running for the hills.

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