Why You Should Use Rack Cards For Your Business

Rack Card is the simple yet an effective way of business and brand promotion. A rack card is a document used for commercial advertising, frequently in convenience stores, hotels, landmarks, restaurants, rest areas and other locations that enjoy significant foot traffic.Rack cards are typically 4 by 9 inches in size and sport high-impact graphic design. If you are unable to find any rack card printing services near you then you can always hire online rack cards printing company.

Rack cards are smaller than brochures and flyers yet they have their advantages over those types of print media. Rack cards are designed for quick consumption, typically conveying all of their information in a glance whereas posters and fliers must be read. A rack card is designed to grab the consumer’s attention and pique their curiosity so that they will seek out more information about the establishment being advertised. Here are the few reasons why you should use Rack Cards for your business promotion :

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Better Than Brochure : The main advantages rack card printing has over brochure printing are the lower costs, easier portability, higher visibility and customer familiarity. Let me explain. When comparing “typical” costs, rack cards come in about 2 to 1 over brochures, primarily because rack cards are smaller than brochures. The smaller size also make rack card easier to carry around and to stuff into a car visor or door pocket. Rack cards are definitely more portable than a typical brochure. The displays you see in tourist areas are built for the standard rack card size – not for standard brochure sizes – this creates an opportunity for rack cards to be more visible than brochures in locations that have rack card displays. Finally, customers are used to seeing rack card and rack card displays; they are familiar with the whole rack card set up. In fact, many tourists seek out rack card.

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Better Replacement For Postcards : Much like brochures, postcards just don’t work well in the rack card display system and a standard postcard offers less room for graphics and details than a typical rack card. There’s about 25% more space on a rack card – giving the marketer that much more room to include larger or more images and text.

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Rack cards are like Business Cards : Rack cards have the advantage over almost any printed piece, because of the display racks. Business cards, too, just don’t have the display advantages that rack cards do. But, a good rack card design is really just an expansion of a good business card. In fact, a great rack card uses images and a bit more text to bring your business card – and your business to life.

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